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Christmas E-books
Santa Series

Anna Sugg

Santa’s Pretty Lady
Lena Belle tries to reject the love of a man whose only job for the moment is playing Santa for the department store. Yet, he stirs an emotion within her that she has not felt for many years. How could she fall in love with a homeless Santa? Would he be willing to work for their relationship? Supporting a man once in a lifetime is enough. She will not be the sole provider and risk another divorce.
Santa’s Secret Gift
Madison Sanford never dreamed a gift from a secret Santa could give her hope and a chance to take her daughter and run. Once safe in the arms of the sisters at St. Paul’s shelter, their new life melts into days of happiness, until her past catches up with her and her secret Santa shows up at the shelter, homeless. Now, to correct a malicious feat, she must leave the happy life behind and return to the man that could destroy her.
Mainland Santa

Dr. Brianna Sanford would miss the smell of the salty ocean air, the winter Hawaiian nights with their perfect conditions for stargazing, and the island’s constant eighty-two degree temperatures.
As her job at the prestigious Hawaiian hotel nears an end, Brianna meets Cagney Malloy. Since breaking off an engagement, Brianna Sanford has decided all men have only two things on their mind: sex and secrets. Cagney Malloy is no different. He has a secret. She wouldn’t care, except her feelings for the man had become more than she expected.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Santa's Secret Gift Book Cover

OMGosh. I love my new book cover for
Santa's Secret Gift.
Take a look and let me know what you think? 

When Madison Sanford is abandoned on a mountaintop in the middle of Nevada's desolate state, where a body could die and not be found, if ever, she never dreamed that one day a secret Santa would give her hope for happiness.
Peter Jackson's destiny had once again crossed paths with Madison. Loving her scares the hell out of him and the only thing he knows to do is to run again, pushing her back in the arms of the man that could destroy her.

Available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble on Oct 25

Friday, October 7, 2011

Secret Past excerpt:

“What the…Drake, there’s something down there.”

Swirling the light around, she looked closer. What the hell do you have here grandma?

“Drake,” she whispered. “There’s a box. It’s gotta be rotten after all these years. Hmm, maybe, whatever’s inside has been protected underneath the floorboards-you think?”

Drake growled and took a step closer to his master.

“It’s okay. I just want to see if…” she grunted and stretched out on her tummy. Straining every muscle in her body, she hesitantly, reached her arm down until she touched the large wooden container.

Her fingers fumbled along the edges. Gripping the top tightly, she easily heaved the lid to the surface. Throwing it aside, she looked back down. The bright light revealed a metal box inside.

“Whoa, what do we have here?”

She gave Drake a quick glance and mumbled, “Grandma hid something here?”

His ears perked.

Sarah reached down and after several grunts, her fingers finally gripped the object. Hauling the metal box out, she managed to sit up and stared at its rusty lock.

Drake growled.

Sarah jumped.

Wide-eyed, she whirled, squinting beyond her bright light.

A void of blackness met her gaze.

She listened.

No sounds, other than Mother Nature’s night songs. Geez, the Beretta was in the car. Good place for it, dummy.

“Come on boy. Let’s get out of here,” she whispered.

Pulling to her knees, she leaned over and once again shined the flashlight back and forth into the dark pit. “Wait a minute, there something else.”

Once again, she dropped to her knees, reached down further into the hole, and felt around until her hand connected with a long, hard object. Gripping tightly, she surfaced and stood.

“A gun.”

Pushing aside the deteriorating cloth, her eyes widened. What was grandma doing with a gun? A machine gun wrapped in an old rotten gunnysack.

Drake bared his teeth and released a long slow growl.

Sarah trembled.

This time she heard something.

Cold chills ran down her spine.

Her head whirled to the far corners of the room. She bit down on her quivering lips.

Drake stiffened and growled again. His fur bristled up on his neck.

“Let get out of here,” she whispered. Hurrying, she dropped the gun into the hole and quickly replaced the floorboards. Gripping the flashlight, she gathered up the metal box and turned to run for the car.

A tall, dark shadow blocked the doorway.

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Friday, September 16, 2011


Thanks for stopping by for my first day of blogging. This is new to me, so if I'm doing something wrong or can improve in some way, please let me know.

I'm a writer that loves contemporary stories as well as historical. Please check out my website for all my e-books on Amazon and Barnes & Noble:, also you can twitter me at, which reminds me of PASSWORDS...

Passwords! Do you have more than one, several, or a pages of passwords? I do. At first I tried to keep the same password for everything, but that didn't last long, so I had to figure something out to remember all the passwords that I had created. After all, I have passwords for sites on the internet, passwords for my iphone apps, my Kindle, and oh, don't forget banking system - it goes on and on. So, the first thing I did was create an excel sheet for all the passwords that I use, and because our wonderful computers can crash, I printed the pages (yes, pages, 3 to be exact). Now, my binder of passwords is close at hand, and I don't have to rack my brain trying to remember a certain password. But, don't forget to update when you change a password.

Oh my, how did I get off onto Passwords! Anyway, welcome and I promise to have a more interesting blog next time.